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Air Ambulance

Phoenix Air Ambulance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Aviation, works in partnership to create a unique and extraordinary service providing the highest quality aeromedical transfers throughout Africa, Europe and beyond via fixed wing and where necessary by rotor aircraft.

Phoenix Air Ambulance demonstrates that safe, ethical and high-quality healthcare and transport practices are the norm. Phoenix Air Ambulance provides the best aeromedical transfers by every means possible, offering optimal and safe medical aid and emergency evacuation flights by air rescue and flight transportation services in Africa, Europe and in the world.

Phoenix Air Ambulance achieves this as an in-house one-stop-shop for aeromedical activities. Phoenix Air Ambulance will act as the focus for arranging and implementing requests for air ambulance evacuations throughout Africa and beyond by the use of strategic partners. Phoenix Air Ambulance will receive requests and using its experience will decide on the best, most efficient and economical solution to the client’s needs.

The Phoenix Air Ambulance solution is to offer a rapid response due to proximity to the scene of the incident, as well as the “Bed-to-Bed” service of moving a patient from a remote location and repatriating them to their home country.